Amprolium 30


100g Water-soluble powder


Amprolium 30 is a coccidiostat used for the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in calves, sheep, goats, chickens (broilers and layers) and other fowl such as turkeys. It competitively inhibits the active transport of thiamine thus causing the coccidia to experience thiamine deficiency.


Each gram contains Amprolium Hydrochloride 300mg

Unique Property

It inhibits the use of thiamine by the protozoal organism

Specific Indication

For the treatment of coccidiosis caused by Eimera spp (E. tenella, E. necatrix) or gastro intestinal infections for which it is therapeutically or prophylactically indicated to administer amprolium in calves, goats, sheep and poultry.


Poultry: Mix 100g of Amprolium 30 in 250ltrs of water for 5-7days

Ruminants: 1g per 30kg body weight for 5 days



  • Meat: 0 days
  • Egg: 0 days

Calves, Goats & Sheep

  • Meat: 3days


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