About Us

About Us

DSL Pharma

DSL Pharma is a manufacturer of quality veterinary pharmaceuticals; a division of Diversay Solutions Limited and strategic business partner in the integrated agribusiness value chain of the Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Ltd. and many Nigerian farmers. The company is totally Nigeria-owned and sources raw materials from the best companies in Europe and Asia for the manufacturing, marketing and sales of affordable yet high quality veterinary medical products which are developed through extensive research, experience and expertise of the Nigerian Livestock industry.

We are continuously focused on providing guaranteed, cutting-edge veterinary  pharmaceutical solutions, specifically to meet the daily needs of our end users.

The key stakeholders of DSL Pharma products are farmers, traders and professionals who continue to testify of the exceptional consistency in quality and service delivery and of all of our solutions.

Great quality; guaranteed solutions

We are a team of highly experienced professionals who are committed to excellence.

DSL Pharma is a division of Diversay Solutions Ltd, an affiliate of Amo Byng Nigeria Ltd and Amo Farms Sieberer Hatchery Limited.

Who We Are

Our Company

DSL Pharma is a proudly Nigerian owned company committed to livestock solutions. It is an indigenous manufacturer of livestock pharmaceuticals with a team of highly experienced professionals that provides quality products and services at affordable costs.

Who We Are

DSL Pharma is a major manufacturer of quality veterinary pharmaceuticals. We manufacture quality drugs to improve livestock health. Our products are specially tailored to suit the environmental sustainability of livestocks within Nigeria. Our animal health products undergo numerous quality control checks to be certified fit for use on farm animals.

Our Offer

A unique opportunity to partner with a dynamic brand that is providing cutting edge solutions that drives the growth of the livestock industry. A partnership that will guarantee increased and sustainable profit.

Our Promise

Consistently produce and deploy quality veterinary pharmaceutical products that will be consistently available with guaranteed solutions for the farmers and appreciable profit margin for the distributors.

Our Competitive Edge

We are a world class brand proudly owned by Nigerians. Our raw materials are sourced from the best companies in Europe and Asia. Products are developed through extensive research, experience and expertise of the Nigerian livestock industry. Consistent availability all year round; since there are no delays due to import constraint.

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