100g & 50g Water-soluble Powder


Diverflox is a synthetic broad spectrum, new generation fluoroquinolone. Diverflox is bactericidal with excellent antibacterial activity against most gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria


Each gram contains 100mg of pefloxacin mesylate dihydrate

Unique Property

Diverflox shows good absorption (70-90 per cent) with bioavailability, a long half-life, excellent tissue and body fluid penetration. Diverflox levels are high in bone, urine, kidney and serum. Concentrations in the lung exceeds those in serum.

Specific Indications

Treatment / Prevention of:

  • CDR Complex
  • Salmonellosis
  • Early chick mortality
  • Secondary bacterial complications of viral disease


Treatment: 1 gm of Diverflox powder in 2 litres of water for 3-5days or as advised by a veterinarian

Prevention: During transfer 2-1-2 (1gm in 2 litres of water, 2 days before transfer, on the day of transfer and 2 days after transfer)

Withdrawal Period

Meat: 7 days


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